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Diversity & Equity Committee

Highlights from 2022-2023
This brief video highlights El Rincon's DEI journey throughout the 2022-2023 school year: 
Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award
The El Rincon Elementary School PTA has been announced as the unit-level winner of the Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award for the National PTA for 2022!
Our school's many diversity and inclusion efforts include:
  • Diversity & Equity Committee
  • Inclusion Committee
  • El Rincon Celebrates Multi-Cultural videos
  • Multicultural calendar
  • Cultural assemblies
  • Diversity book club
  • Cultural and neurodivergent book donations to the school library
  • Themed decorations around the school campus
  • Coordinating a fundraiser with a local Black-owned restaurant in February
  • Supporting our student peer mentorship program for neurodivergent students
  • Playdates for LGBTQ+ and Special Needs families
  • Parent-led Change Sings Art and Poetry Virtual Showcase for Black History Month
  • Many ongoing activities for Multicultural May
  • Much more!
CCUSD Equity Vision Statement
At CCUSD, we believe equity is our moral obligation. Through the use of an ethical and continuous process, we ensure that all students are given the academic, social, and emotional support they need. We are working to cultivate a liberated learning environment that is free of bias and encourages students to achieve their own personal and professional aspirations.
El Rincon Cultural Calendar
The El Rincon Cultural Calendar features information on some of the celebrations from our diverse community. Each celebration includes links to books, activities, and resources. Please note that some celebrations are on a lunar calendar and dates change annually. Please contact us to add or revise any information.
To learn more about the Diversity and Equity Committee, email [email protected].
Change Sings: A Showcase of El Rincon Art & Poetry
(Recorded February 28, 2022) In recognition of Black History Month in February 2022, the El Rincon PTA D&E Committee asked the school community to imagine what change they would like to see or make in the world. Diverse participants responded with a poem, drawing, song or other form of creative expression. Multimedia submissions from over 20 students ranging in age from preschool to 5th grade were featured in a virtual arts showcase. Zoom audience members in attendance co-created a group poem together, inspired by verses penned by poet/author Amanda Gorman.
El Rincon Celebrates!
This is a series of short videos created by and for the El Rincon school community about special celebrations observed among our diverse families.
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (September)
El Rincon family Seth, Allison, Livia, and Solomon Rosenzweig share the sounds and symbols of two Jewish holidays that bring opportunities to reflect on the past and to usher in a sweet New Year.
Enkutash (September)
El Rincon parents Liyuwork and Abraham, with their sons Abel and Lucas explain how Christian Orthodox Ethiopians celebrate the New Year back in Ethopia and here in Los Angeles with scrumptious spicy food, strong coffee, and symbolic hand sewn clothing.
Abilities and Belonging Month (October)
To celebrate Abilities and Belonging Month, we are launching "This is What Inclusion Looks Like," a video series that celebrates the range of abilities, neurodiversity, special needs, and inclusion strategies at El Rincon Elementary. The series features real-life personal stories told by staff, students, and family members within our school community.
Diwali (November)
El Rincon parent Mr. VK reads aloud the book 'Binny's Diwali by Thrity Umrigar. Filled with enchanting illustrations by Nidhi Chanani, this book provides detailed information about the Hindu Festival of Lights. (6 minutes) 
El Rincon Celebrates Thanksgiving: In this video, various members of the El Rincon school community explain how they celebrate Thanksgiving with their family, and share what they are most thankful for. In addition to "thanks," we also reflect on "giving." We are grateful to all the Rockets who give of themselves to help others, not only during the holiday season, but all year 'round. (5 mins.) 
Hanukkah (December)
El Rincon parent Ms. Mara and student Casey explain the history of Hanukkah and share how they mark the occasion with special foods and lighting the candles on their guitar-shaped menorah. (6 minutes)
Philippine Lantern Festival (December)
El Rincon parent Ms. Eleanor describes how Filipinos around the world use unique star-shaped lanterns called parol as Christmas decorations. She includes a brief tutorial on how to make a star lantern at home using commonly-found household materials. (6 minutes)
Christmas (December)
Siblings Jude and Milo explain the meaning of Christmas in the Christian religion, and share their favorite parts of the holiday, such as family gatherings and making gingerbread houses. You can also sing along to the "Grinch" song with Nico and learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in many different languages.
Lunar New Year (February)
El Rincon parent Jian Li talks about Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China. In this video, he explains the 15 days of Lunar New Year, the animals that represent the years, and the value of good luck and fortune. (3 minutes)
Japanese Girls' Day, Boys' Day, and Children's Day (Spring)
El Rincon celebrates three Japanese holidays - Girls' Day, Boys' Day, and Children's Day. This video features two El Rincon families, the Yoshikawa family with student Chloe and her parents Ms. Courtney and Mr. Spencer, as well as the Matsuda family with student Mirei and her mother Ms. Ritzy. (8 minutes)
Nowruz (March)
Persian Nowruz is an international New Year/New Day Spring Equinox celebration. El Rincon student Christopher and his mother Ms. Maryam explain how they celebrate Nowruz with their family. (5 minutes)
Passover (March)
Along with their mom, Ms. Anita, El Rincon siblings Lily and Jonah discuss the meaning of Jewish Passover and their favorite parts of this important Jewish holiday. Jonah and ER student Nico sing Hebrew prayers, as well. (7 minutes)
Holi (March)
El Rincon Celebrates Holi - also known as the festival of Colors, the festival of Love and the welcoming of Spring. A morning assembly featured a performance from Bollypop! Bollypop performer Aakansha Maheshwari took students on a "Journey Through India" with an interactive lesson on traditional and popular Indian dance forms. At the end of the day, students and staff threw colored powder to wish each other a Happy Holi.
Annual Diversity Celebration 
This celebration is a special presentation of songs, dances, skills, and cultural fashions highlighting the wonderful diversity of the El Rincon school community.
El Rincon Diversity Celebration 2020
Below are two videos featuring cultural traditions from Armenia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Ukraine, and Vietnam.
El Rincon Diversity Celebration 2021
This video features students and their families demonstrating songs, dances, skills, holidays, and cultural attire from Ukraine, India, Taiwan, Samoa, Korea, Philippines, and Thailand.
Multicultural Calendar
The rich diversity in our communities is reflected in the observances celebrated by various cultures and populations. National PTA's Center for Family Engagement has created this Multicultural Calendar to highlight and celebrate the diversity in our PTA and school communities!