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Students, nominated by their teachers and staff for their Character Counts conduct, are learning how to construct and program Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots, provided by the Culver City School District. They are mentored by the Culver City High School FIRST Robotics team, the Bagel Bytes Team 702. The club meets after school on Wednesdays in the El Rincon Science Lab.

They formed kit teams or approximately five students and one or two high schoolers each, with names like “The Great Inventors,” “Gigabots,” Rolling Robots,” “CAAS of Robots,” “Robot Force,” “Wildbots,” and “Lighteningbots.” The students are learning leadership, team-building and organizational skills along with the engineering skills. This is not simply play, although it is a lot of fun.

Students bring healthy snacks and drinks as they switch from being students at the end of the school day to become engineers. There is some time to socialize and then they get right to the serious work of learning from the high school team and the adult supervisors.

Although there will be no FIRST competitions for this year, the goal is to have the club members complete with these kits and use competition mats (provided by the Bagel Bytes) to compete against each other and teach the rest of the school what they have learned.