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El Rincon offers intervention for students having trouble in class and with their peers.

Student Study Team
Students who are experiencing difficulty in academics or social development may be referred to the Student Study Team.  Usually, the referral comes from the teacher, but parents can also request a meeting.  The parents are always invited and encouraged to attend. Sometimes the student is invited also.

The purpose of the team meeting is to discuss the problem and design an intervention plan that will be supported by both the school and the parents.  A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to determine if the interventions have been effective. Sometimes, the SST meetings result in the student being referred for testing, wherein he might qualify for an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The team consists of the principal, the classroom teacher, another teacher, a Healthy Start representative, and you, the parent.  Subsequent meetings may also include the Resource Teacher, the school psychologist, and/or the Speech Teacher.

Academic Intervention
Students identified as needing extra support in language arts or math may have an opportunity to participate in an after-school tutorial program.

This program will be developed as state funding allows. Students will be admitted by referral from their teacher.