Green Team/Green Ambassadors

The Green Team is a PTA subcommittee that helps promote sustainability on the El Rincon campus. Our goals are to encourage the adoption of zero waste events at El Rincon, teach students, teachers and staff about how to “green” their activities, and to help students develop leadership skills in environmental stewardship. The Green Team supports the principal in school beautification day, with the school’s recycling program, and with Earth Day activities. We also participate on the CCUSD Environmental Sustainability Committee to help align district level recommendations for sustainability to what we do at El Rincon.
The Green Team runs the environmental leadership program called Green Ambassadors (founded in 2019) at El Rincon. The Green Ambassador program is a student group (1st-5th graders) that meets monthly to learn about environmental issues in Los Angeles and globally. Green Ambassadors share their Green knowledge with their classmates, and also help sort recycling on campus. We believe that environmental sustainability is not just about promoting a greener earth, but also social justice and equity for all communities so that pollution and environmental hazards are not unequally concentrated on some communities more than others. Addressing climate change is about promoting equity.
In our lesson plans we focus on fun activities where we learn about:
  • Drought
  • Wetlands
  • Trees and Deforestation
  • Recycling, Composting, and Landfills
  • Pollinators
  • People Powered Transportation
  • Climate Change
  • and much more!
If you are interested in learning more or participating as a parent volunteer, email [email protected].