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Symphonic Jazz Orchestra

We teach in-class music residencies to elementary school throughout L.A. County. We are a Culver City based non-profit, and have been teaching at El Rincon for several years for grades K-3. This year we are excited to add a 5th grade "Music of the World" program!


Kindergarten: Intro to music

Our Kindergarten program is offered as a 28-week weekly residency. Students gain knowledge of understanding in key musical concepts. Areas of focus include solfege (singing using do, re, mi), rhythm (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes), musical pitches on the staff, along with songs and dances. In addition, the 28-week program includes a percussion component with students performing on various drums. 

SJO’s Kindergarten program was featured on KPCC, click here to read the article.


1st Grade: Playing the bells

The Intro to Music/Bells residency program is designed for 1st-grade students. This 28-week residency teaches the fundamentals of music (rhythm and notation) leading to the students playing small bells (glockenspiel).

To view our "Playing the Bells" program in action, click here.


2nd Grade: Bach to bebop

This program is designed for 2nd-grade students. From this 28-week program, students gain knowledge and an understanding of music- from baroque through bebop. By the end of the program the students have composed and performed a blues song, improvised on the keyboard, analyzed song structure, understood how instruments make and change their sound, and experience some of the finest musicians in the country performing right in their classroom. 


3rd grade: Instrumental workshops Series

These workshops are designed for 3rd-grade students. The series of workshops feature string, brass, woodwind and percussion ensembles from the SJO orchestra. Our professional musicians discuss and demonstrate their instruments history, and sound. The musicians perform instruments in both a solo and in an ensemble configuration. Students are then invited to try these instruments during the workshop with the assistance of SJO's talented musicians. 


NEW: 5th grade: Music of the world

This program is designed to enrich 5th graders’ knowledge of different cultures from around the world. Students learn about different countries and their rich cultural musical traditions through exploration of composers, instruments, and music history.