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Young Storytellers

About Young Storytellers

Young Storytellers engages creativity through the art of storytelling. Using the timeless techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and performance, we provide public school students with an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life on stage and film. Our mission is to inspire young people to discover the power of their own voice. 

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A semester-long, common core-aligned elementary school program where students write their own original short script, then see it performed live by professional actors.
The Script-to-Stage program meets once a week for ten weeks, typically for an hour during unstructured school lunch time. Led by a volunteer Head Mentor, each session is a mixture of creative game play and one-on-one writing time. Students are paired with a mentor from the entertainment industry to help guide and encourage them as they imagine and develop their own short script. At the end of the program, professional actors volunteer to perform the students’ scripts at an in-school assembly called the “Big Show.”