School Rules & Expectations

We strive to teach our students safety, respect, and pride.

Generally stated, the school rules are:

·      Strive to do your Best.

·      Own your Actions. 

·      Act Respectfully.

·   Ready to Learn. 

Classroom and school rules are developed to support the following statement that includes our basic values:

Our school is a place where . . .

    Everyone feels safe

    We are responsible for what we do and say

    Everyone has equal worth

    We learn that “my way” is not the only way

    We solve our problems peacefully

    We respect each other

    Doing little things to help can

 Each teacher develops a set of classroom rules based on these concepts.

The school’s discipline policy is based on positive reinforcement. Interventions and diversion activities will be implemented for minor infractions. For most students, punishment is a rarity. However, we take the safety and security of our students seriously. Students who threaten the safe and secure environment for others will be dealt with swiftly and severely. If a child repeatedly has difficulty adhering to school rules, parents will be contacted. Parents will also be contacted if a singular inappropriate act necessitates their intervention. Students who do not respond to positive efforts to change negative behavior will be placed on an Individual Behavior Plan.

Children are encouraged to settle minor disputes among themselves. Parents should remind children that “hitting doesn’t help.” Problems can be solved with words and through talking it out.

Students will be taught to follow these three steps if another student is bothering them:

1.                   Ignore the person and walk away. If the person continues to bother you . . . tell an adult!

2.                   Face him and tell him to stop it. If the person continues to bother you . . . tell an adult!

3.          Tell an adult!