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Room 13

Welcome to Room 13 at El Rincon Elementary School!
5th grade is a very important year for students.  Not only are 5th graders role models of the school, but they are also preparing for a big transition - Middle School.  This year will be filled with necessary and challenging academic and social skills that will enable all students to meet their needs.  All learners have different learning styles and abilities and my goal is to ensure that all students are learning to their fullest potential.       
Room 13’s website has many features and purposes for parents and students.  This website is like blog.  I will include updates and write about what the students are learning and experiencing.   In addition, this website includes daily homework assignments, reminders, and the weekly spelling list.  
We are having a fantastic start to the school year.  This week our class is focusing on teambuilding skills, reviewing school policies, implementing classroom rules, and preparing to be role models and model citizens inside and outside of school.