Student Council Take Over Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended our March PTA meeting. The most exciting part was the Student Council takeover where the students spoke up! The four areas of help are clean bathrooms, recess sports equipment, student dance, and an after school drama program. The kids spoke up so now as adults, it's our time to listen. If you’re interested in helping or just thinking of ideas on these issues, email [email protected]. Change won’t happen without community action. 


Thank you to Student Council advisors Ms Pekarski and Ms Adachi and all of the Student Council for your leadership in speaking up. This year’s student council students are Abby Sanchez, Kayla Sato, Bailey Edmondson, Dillon Tolbert, Lily Morrow, Paige Ofrecio, Jiya Pransky, Major Cobb, III, Jason Yang, Veda Carver, Sandhya Gardner, Shiloh Higgins McKinlay, Bowie Horowitz, Nandini Ambekar, River Marquez, Rory Perry, Vera Evans, Parker Ofrecio, Ben Rodari-Bowen, Brody Breakfield, Alonzo Cirilo-LaSorella, Liliana Willoughby, Parker Tolbert, Ian Case, Azzie Johnson, & Samantha Scumpia.