Student Store

Your donation of the items listed and photographed will help maintain our student store inventory. Proceeds from our student store help sponsor 5th grade activities designed to reinforce classroom learning, build leadership skills, and help prepare our scholars for middle school.
If you would like to help with our student store inventory, you can use the links below or pick up items at your local grocery store. Please bring donations to the El Rincon front office. Thanks for helping our school!
Item Recommended Size Retail Locations
Airheads Bars (Not Airheads Xtremes) 60 , 72, or  90 count Bar Box Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco Airheads
Izze Sparkling Juice Beverages  (cans only) 24 ct boxed assorted sparkling juice Amazon, Costco Izze Sparkling Juice
Pirate's Booty 12 or 36 ct box Multiple Pirate's Booty
Chip Variety Packs (multipacks) 12, 20, 30, 32, or 54  count packs Multiple Chip Variety Packs
Kettle Corn  multipack Amazon, Trader Joe's Kettle Corn
Mini packs of Roasted Seaweed 10 count pack Amazon, Costco Seaweed
Fruit Roll Ups bulk pack (box) Multiple Fruit Roll Ups
Capri Sun Juice Pouches box Multiple Capri Sun
Minute Maid Variety Pack Frozen Juice Bars 12 pack box (or higher count) Multiple Minute Maid
Squeezable Yogurt (Yoplait Go-Gurt Tubes) box Multiple Go-gurt
Fruit Snacks (Annie's, Sunkist, or Welch's) box Multiple Fruit Snacks