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Sharon O'Daniel » Happy New Year! 2013

Happy New Year! 2013

Dear Parents,
I hope you had a great holiday! I'm refreshed and ready to teach!

In Math, we will continue with simple division facts and word problems. From there we will progress to long division and continue with two step word problems. In Science,
I have put together a few lessons on plants(sorting leaves by their shapes and examining them) and the solar system(planets and moon phases). I intend to teach them the Scientific Method and help them to use it in a few simple experiments and record their hypotheses and discoveries in a Science journal that I will provide for them.
In Language Arts, I a will also be giving your child a spiral notebook in which to keep their math and reading vocabulary, so that they can refer to it for studying or writing.
Enclosed are The Galileo Math and Language Arts skills we will be going over and mastering for the Galileo 2 Test in February. If you are aware of what we're studying, you can reinforce these skills at home!
Also, to simplify my grading system and free up time for more instruction, I'm only counting tests, quizzes, and a few independent assignments for most subjects. The only exception is the Culver City Landmark which will be done at home with your help over a two month period(Instructions sent home Monday) and a Science project that will be done at home over a similar period. (Information given as soon as I get the date for the Science Fair.) Your child will be allowed to work with a partner or a group on their project. Homework will still be gone over and answers checked for accuracy but will cont purely as the homework grade.
Thanks so much for the lovely holiday cards, presents, and well wishes. I truly had a relaxing holiday with my parents and I hope you did as well with your families. Sincerely,
Ms. O'Daniel